The latest innovations in speech technologies and strategies have heightened customer expectations and are transforming the role of the call center. Automated outbound calls are getting a great deal of attention for their ability to inform customers to pick up goods, reorder products, and notify customers about promotional opportunities. Outbound calls also notify citizens of location-specific news and emergencies, such as school and road closures, weather reports, and evacuation notices. However, the focus of new developments isn’t limited to one-way outbound messaging. Organizations must have the ability to listen and respond to customer wants and needs in a timely manner. Customers demand to be heard and they want organizations to respond.

Conference Session Tracks: Attend tracks devoted to Business Strategies, Customer Experience, Technology Advancements, and Voice Interaction Design.

Virtual Tracks: Listen to sequences of presentations devoted to specific topics, including multimodal applications, cross-channel applications, analytics, speaker identification and verification, and more across the traditional vertical conference tracks.

SpeechTEK Labs: View the latest speech technology products, talk to developers, and speak with judges who will evaluate solutions in the following five lab sessions: analytics, development tools, in-car systems, natural language and translation, and voice-enabled personal assistants.

SpeechTEK University: Gain in-depth understanding from half-day courses on the latest techniques and