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Better World Forum 2012
Sharing Solutions, Taking Action
April 21-22 and April 28-29

A Co-Production of We, The World
and the Global Entertainment and Media Summit

Participate Online or by Phone From Anywhere Worldwide

An invitation to connect with Visionaries & Activists
Taking ideas to action for global social change

Dish is hopping!

New There’s a whole new animal in Whole-Home entertainment. Introducing the Hopper from DISH, an innovative new way to experience Whole-Home HD DVR service in your home, letting you share recordings between any TV. DISH Products


Blockbuster @Home – Our Blockbuster package is enhanced with a growing number of family and kid shows available on demand, as thousands of titles are being added. With this change the package is also being re-branded to Blockbuster @Home . This expanded package now includes:

· Over 100,000 DVDs and video games by mail

· Over 20 movie and family HD channels on the set-top box

· Encore, Epix, Movieplex and Starz content available on demand on the iPad using the DISH Remote Access app

· And soon, the list of on demand movies, family and kids shows will grow to more than 25,000 titles available on the computer and more than 10,000 titles available through the set-top box

New DISH Test Drive – W e want America to experience DISH TV Everywhere™ technology, so we are launching DISH Test Drive . Today, consumers can register at to receive 24 hours of complimentary access. They will be able to experience our superior technology and watch a sampling of content on their computer or mobile device.

New Broadband Bundle — Up until now, broadband satellite has over-promised and under-delivered. Not anymore! Our new DISH broadband Internet bundle will deliver up to 12 Mbps of speed. Our